Wednesday, March 14, 2012


One of my favorite hobbies is reading vintage cookbooks circa 1930 - 1970.
It's not so much because I love to cook, but because I love the photos and illustrations in them.
I am mesmerized by hideous photographs of Jello molds and aspic...what is that?
No, don't tell me, especially if it involves the word hoof. Ugh. Do people still eat that?
I am always surprised by the vivid colors and the strange quest to make blue food appetizing.
But the thing that I find most intriguing in Mid-Century cookbooks and magazines is...

Something about this just screams cannibalism to me! Do they know they ARE food?
Do they eat only other types of foods not in their food group?
Will this all end in some kind of Jambalaya melee where they eat each other?

No, Mister Pickle, don't do it....don't get in the bathtub...Nooooooo.
I know I am not the only person with this secret obsession (phobia).
There is actually a hilarious blog devoted solely to this topic.
It is called FOOD WITH EYES of course! It includes all kinds of products and illustrations
including the funny craft of attaching googly eyes to food. And I can't stop reading it.

Who doesn't love Meatwad, Frylock & Master Shake from Adult Swim?
Not only do they have faces, they TALK...Yes, animated food with faces.
Their world is a dizzying combination of loaded sarcasm and empty carbs.
I get sucked in to it everytime I channel surf late at night
and it always leaves me craving french fries.

From Mr. Potato Head to Mr. Peanut, these guys are everywhere.
If Monsanto, Dekalb, Calgene, Searle and the other GMO labs
keep on their current path, our food might really have eyes.
Take a look around, you never know who or what may be looking back at you.

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