Saturday, April 16, 2011


These 2 postcards are a rare look into the future of aviation at the end of World War II.
Around 1945 Pan American World Airways published a set of 12 images on postcards
depicting what luxuries their next fleet would have to offer.
Unfortunately Pan Am chose an entirely different airplane body than the one they pictured
on these cards and they scrubbed the production of these fabulous images,
but not before some of them were released. Lucky for us!

This one is my favorite.
It shows the Sky Lounge with passengers being served drinks by a waiter.
No Fasten your seatbelt signs in here!
Across the top it says: 'Preview of Tomorrow's Flying Clippers:
Sky Lounge for Refreshments."

The next one shows a mother and her daughter preparing to go to bed in the sleeping berths.
Across the top it says: 'Preview of Tomorrow's Flying Clippers:
"Sleep in the Clouds" in full-length berths.'

Maybe I would enjoy flying a little bit if I had a comfy bed like that to snooze in.
But for now, I can only dream.

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